At JOTMedical, we specialize in beautiful and functional custom designs and floor plans integrating stainless steel and glass. For an attractive, modern, functional and hygienic design, stainless steel and glass railing and other elements are the perfect choice.

Not only do we create designs with stainless steel, but our team includes stainless steel fabricator services, for a perfectly customized end result.

Trust JOTMedical for Your Stainless Steel Features and Installation

At JOTMedical, we are familiar with industry standards, including for stainless steel furniture and other items that may be exposed to infectious materials. We know and understand the requirements, such as when stainless steel items must be welded in and integral to a larger furnishing to prevent creating environments that may harbour infection.

Our expert design team is completely knowledgeable about all relevant regulations; we share our knowledge with you, as we design plans that meet all of your needs, so you can relax and trust our quality services.


Custom Designs Specifically for Healthcare Settings

We are industry leaders who specialize in unique construction management services tailored specifically to the healthcare and medical industry. Because we understand the challenges that you face, we create individual designs to meet your needs.

Stainless Steel and Glass Features

In our designs, we highlight stainless steel and glass, knowing the benefits these materials offer a healthcare facility.


Highest Quality Materials

We select only the highest quality materials in our designs, and manage the procurement or production of stainless steel and glass products, plus their installation, to ensure that highest standards are maintained and that the end result will fully enhance your facility.


Work with Integrity

The JOTMedical team is proud of our expertise in this challenging area, and our professional integrity. We ensure the highest quality in everything we do, and work hard to earn your complete trust.


Benefits of Stainless Steel in Healthcare Settings

At JOTMedical, we ensure measurements are perfect and installation is done seamlessly to prevent air leaks, which is essential for sterile areas, clean rooms and general infection prevention and control.

Using professional techniques and skilled technicians ensures full stabilization of glass while installing to prevent broken glass and other issues.

Stainless steel is one of the best materials available, and is a great fit for use in healthcare environments. Our leading-edge designs and highest-quality installation services allow you to fully benefit from the advantages of stainless steel.



Stainless steel is a highly-durable solution that is suitable for many purposes. It is excellent for framing structures to add strength and for custom furnishings, such as benches, tables, partitions, counters, and work surfaces that need to be tough and long-lasting.

Resistant to Damage

It is corrosion-resistant, scratch and impact resistant, and has an excellent strength to weight ratio.

Sturdy Enough to Support

Stainless steel railings are an excellent solution for stairs, balconies, and for support for patients with reduced mobility, because of its sturdiness.

We specialize in designing pieces built for strength and beauty; our stainless steel fabricator works to the highest standards.

Cost Effective Over the Long Term

An additional benefit of its strength and longevity is that stainless steel is very cost-effective over time.



Stainless steel looks clean and sleek, and can be artistically crafted to create pieces that are as pleasing to the eye as they are functional. Surfaces can be shimmering to increase ambient light, or brushed to create a softer feel. We can design a collection of pieces to increase a cohesive feel throughout your facility.


A variety of coatings, such as powder coats, can be applied for additional aesthetic value.



Stainless steel is exceptionally versatile. Sturdy and customizable, it is an excellent solution to a variety of situations. Whatever your space, it can be tailored to fit, and custom pieces can be designed to address your needs for greater functionality.

Careful Selection of Grades

We use the appropriate types of stainless steel for each project, including using a finer grade for pharmacy uses and other similar situations.



Stainless steel is an easily-cleaned, hygienic material that is useful for surfaces, rails, and handles in hospitals, clinics, veterinary facilities, and other environments. At JOTMedical, we use medical grade stainless steel.

Designs to Maximize Hygienic Benefits

Our designs maximize the sanitary benefits of stainless steel, to avoid seams and other materials that may create opportunities for bacteria. Our stainless steel features and furnishings are expertly planned and installed so they provide excellent protection against contamination through contact and other methods.



We use stainless steel from recycled sources. While our stainless steel railing and other features will last a lifetime, if you do decide to renovate, stainless steel is completely recyclable, and does not require harsh chemicals in the process.


Suitable Indoors or Outdoors

JOTMedical can design stainless steel plans that connect the outdoors and indoors, with the flexibility of stainless steel. An identical style of stainless steel railing and other features can continue from outside to inside your facility, to create a welcoming sense of continuity.


Professional Installation for the Best Results

At JOTMedical, we design, measure, and install perfectly for seamless results and better bacteria and infection control for sterile areas, clean rooms and other critical spaces.

When combining installation with a glass railing installation or other glass-steel feature, we ensure it is professionally handled to avoid breakage.

Our Design Services

We specialize in designing healthcare facilities incorporating stainless steel and glass, and create an individual, tailored plan for each of our customers. The approved, prepared plan is followed exactly for sourcing or producing each steel or glass railing, or other feature, and installed professionally.


Stainless Steel Railing and Glass Railing

Standalone stainless steel railing and barriers, and stainless steel and glass railing provide safety barriers to protect from falls and other concerns. We expertly install stainless steel railing and stainless steel frames for glass railing, for sturdy, safe, and attractive rails along balconies, stairs, and other locations.

Frames for Glass Doors, Pocket Doors, and Other Functional Pieces

Custom frames for doors, barriers, screens, and other similar pieces are designed and created to be sturdy, work well, and provide lasting service and support to glass or other materials incorporated into the piece.


Tailored benches, tables, sinks, worksurfaces, and other furnishings are designed to fit your spaces and your needs, then expertly crafted and installed. Both specialty medical and healthcare pieces and general-use pieces can be created.

Timeless Features

At JOTMedical, we promise to design and create elegant and functional stainless steel and glass pieces to last the lifespan of your facility. We create designs that are current and modern but incorporate timeless aesthetics and flexible functionality, so these features continue to be usable and attractive, even as time passes.

Based in the Toronto area, we provide our design services and healthcare construction expertise throughout southern Ontario, Quebec, and other areas.